Andrew John Brett Artist

Hello, I am Andrew Brett. I am an artist. I make wonderful/beautiful works. I hope you enjoy. I also teach Art, and what I am learning. You can check out the video below to get a sense of me, and check around the website to see what I’ve been up to/what I am offering.

Video About Andrew John Brett / welcoming you to the site.
Picture of house that Andrew John Brett drew (in watercolours)
Picture of Andrew Brett's Oil Pastel rendition of a poppyfield (after Anna Libowicz)
Poppyfield in France (After Anna Libowicz), Oil Pastel on Paper, 2020
Picture of Paul, 2021, Acrylic on Canvas,

Contact Andrew for Comissions
or Enquiries about Sales of Artwork.

You can contact Andrew for information about commissioning works whether they be:

  • Portraits
  • Landscape/View
  • or Other

Testimonial Video

“Missy in the Garden” 2021, Acrylic on Canvas [Commimssion]

“We really feel like, with every paint-stroke, Andrew gave Missy her life back. We walk into the room, and it is like – Oh my God, she is there, in every way that she could be. We are so thankful and grateful for it.”
-Anna Lanigan

How to work with Andrew Brett Artist

Being an expert visual communicator- Andrew can help you flesh out an idea and develop a project to make the piece you want and the impact you desire.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

You know how it goes- if you don’t know where you are going- any road will take you there. Except with art, in particular, you may not like very much where you arrive to.

That’s why it’s very important at the outset to define the destination that you want to arrive at, or at least give good indication of the general direction that you want to go.

1. Why you want to commission a portrait/piece of art?

– is it for a gift?

– Is it for yourself – to put in a special place, maybe in your home, or workplace, or other to create a feeling or evoke a memory? Or perhaps to tell a story- to yourself, or others, or both?

By fleshing out exactly the purpose of what you want the finished artwork to do–you will be in a better position to communicate with your artist and achieve the results that you desire.

You can fill in the answer to these questions under the following headings to help get clarity:

a) Location (where you will put it):
b) Reason for wanting it:
c) What it should say / The story it should tell, and/or, the feelings it should evoke:

Using these points as the basis for a conversation, we can begin to address things like:

•Framing and Placement

So that they are created for optimum effect.

With the objective in mind, we can begin to set about a practical strategy to achieve it.

2. How the portrait or artwork should be created

Typically an artist uses reference material, so this may be a live sitter (person), a photograph, or a physical location. Reference material can also include sketches and other forms of imagery and media.

Working together, we will define the choice of reference material (and how it will be acquired if necessary). And we will discuss the end result that you might like to achieve, or the general direction that you would like the artwork to move in.

3. Agreement and Moving forward

At this phase I will give indication of my interpretation of the project and the subject matter, and how I will intend to proceed with it. With your approval of the approach we can go from there with an agreed price and 50-50 payment. That is 50% of quoted fee up front and 50% on completion. We will also agree on a timeline as needed.


This can all take place through Email, WhatsApp, Live-Chat/Video Calls as may be most suitable.

Payment is acceptable through bank transfer and other means on discussion.

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Andrew Brett


Thank you.