How to decide the right painting size when buying art or a commission

Photo’s by Ksenia ChernayaKarolina Grabowska, and Marta Longas from Pexels

Deciding the correct size painting size when buying art or a commission can be a tricky concept. You may have some ideas about where in your house or place that you want to put it. It requires a bit of imagination to get it right.

Otherwise it’s just kind of taking a chance.

Fortunately you can use to make a mock-up to help you get the rights size for your painting/artwork commission. Using a mock-up helps you imagine how your finished picture will look as a particular size in your room or place that you are planning to put it.

A standard square/rectangle could do the job, but remember to take into account the size of your frame too when measuring and cutting out your mock-up.

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

Using this technique (cutting out a square/rectangle the same size as your finished piece would be), you can determine if particular dimensions will be good for your finished piece- by putting it in the location(s) that you are thinking of.

Extra Tip

If you are testing a range of sizes – start with the largest one, and cut the smaller ones from it. You can cut them from the centre of the same cardboard to save resources and you will still have an outside frame of the largest size.

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