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Content about Drawing and Memory (enhancement)

You see, the thing is, with Drawing, that it activates (when done properly) another side of our brain, than we are usually used to using, when we are dealing with labels, numbers and things like that in our everyday living.
You see, when you paint, or draw, you activate the Right-side of your brain (very interesting concept, look into it more if you think it’s interesting, because it is fascinating! And exploring it can help you realise more about how you work and your creative potential etc.).
The point is that when we use the Right-side of our brain. We are actually engaging more deeply with a subject (than merely ‘naming’ it and moving on- so that means, for instance, “It’s Tuesday, just a day…” as contrasted with being present to the moment and awakening to the magic of life, by turning off the ‘Left-side‘ analytical nature of our brain! 🙂 I appreciate that’s a mad concept to grasp in the middle of a short email, but I hope you can bear with me for a moment. You see, Drawing is (actually) a very Zen thing. It’s not about drawing the symbols that we learned as children, for instance, the round head, etc. But rather seeing shapes and lines (and form and shadow) as we perceive them, and placing them on paper (or whatever).
So what happens is, while we are perceiving, we actually have to focus more on the subject! 
Again, “Oh, it was Tuesday…” But, if you think of all the Magic that Tuesday can be, all that infinite detail etc… the moment of presence, you know, then that’s where the richness of life is, isn’t it? In the moment 😊Anyway, that’s the way I think of it. And it’s interesting, because when you observe a subject, say an Apple, or a Tree, 🍎🌳 you move past the symbols that can represent these things (think emoji’s / icons) and start to sense the individual energy of each one. It’s presence etc. It’s magnificent shape and form and infinite varieties… and all of this is depth for exploration, and what is more, when we do explore (in such ways) we actually become more mindful of the subject, and thus, remember it better! As an experience, it becomes richer. It touches us in deeper ways, and leaves a deeper imprint on our sub-conscious, our awareness etc.
So that’s all I want to share with you today, about that.
You can see the picture below (very badly drawn) that was an inspiration for this message. It happened when my boy, Jason, was sitting on the floor, and playing, and I had the inspiration to draw him. I didn’t have my tools at the time, so I decided to commit the image to memory, for later drawing (admittedly my drawing from memory skills need to be improved drastically, but that is something I am periodically working on). Anyway, the thing about this is, it caused me to pay deeper attention to Jason, and as a result, committed him (in that moment) more to my memory. I can still remember the sounds of him singing, even though it was several weeks ago (that’s a fact/experience that I might easily have overlooked, if I had not been more present).
The picture is a crude drawing, but helps to express what I was trying to get at. I hope it can encourage you to give a try at drawing (if you have not already done so; in the last few years, or as an adult) in the way described above [paying attention to every little detail, shape and form etc., and getting past the symbols], as I believe it can truly enrich our lives, as well as give us a break from the left-brain side of thinking, such as thinking about things to be done, and logical sequencing and all of that [time, you know 😊].
Anyway, hope it helps.


The badly drawn boy, from memory
Yes, it is a simple image, and not an accurate representation of what I saw, but the fact is that the memory has been enhanced by this exercise of trying to be Aware enough to draw it and remember it from merory (even though the execution of it has not been excellent). Anyway, I will leave it with you there. Hope it enriches your life somehow.
Oh, and in case you think it may be helpful to see a video of what I am talking about, you can see this short Instagram video where I explain the concept.
Let me know if it helps, or if you have any confusion, or would have any questions about it.


Link [here] to video on Instagram on the above topic of Memory and how drawing (or perceiving as an artist) helps us to remember things better, by deepening our awareness/experience of it.