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Boy Eating Sandwich, 2020, Acrylic on Canvas-board, 14×18″

I painted this piece from a photograph, that was inspired by the light of the yellow pants.

Artwork of ‘Woman on Drugs’, 2021, Acrylic on Canvas, 35cm x 45cm (approx.)

This artwork is based on an image I found. It was inspired by a documentary about drug use in Ukraine. The documentary was called Crocodile, and it was awful.

This woman, in a photograph I found, may or may not have been on drugs, but the back-alley way (abandoned factory) look of the setting of this photograpy (sourced online), and her semi-closed eyes, lead me to infer that she may have been under the influence—and question if there was something more sinister at play in ‘the shoot’.

The artwork is about her going deep within, and not realising the ugli-ness of her outside environment/situation (in line with the interpreted story that came to my mind).

The colours are warm. Perhaps like she feels like inside (even though, perhaps ‘distant’ from her outside world). The vibrancy is indicative of youth and vitality. But perhaps hers is fading. Into obsoletion. The brushstrokes are inspired by the feelings that I think the model is going through. Deep inside herself (comfortable and warm, dreamlike, sedated) and unable to connect properly with, or perhaps even—unaware of her external environment.

It got me thinking about the value of life, and how we should cherish it. Cherish good health and wellbeing. If it’s in us; and in our families…

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