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“Missy in the Garden” 2021, Acrylic on Canvas [Commimssion]

“We really feel like, with every paint-stroke, Andrew gave Missy her life back. We walk into the room, and it is like – Oh my God, she is there, in every way that she could be. We are so thankful and grateful for it.”
-Anna Lanigan

Do you know that you can work with Andrew Brett Artist?

Yes, you can work with Andrew Brett Artist, and achieve results similar to the one that you see above.

Each portrait is created with care, and an essence of the subject. It’s part of the intuitive factor that Andrew John Brett draws upon so much in his work. That and his expressive brushstroke help to bring a life and energy to a portrait that just makes it come alive on the wall, and give the subject a true presence in the room that you choose.

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